Daily Duty, Daily Delight

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” View details

     This proclamation from Paul in First Corinthians 10:31 is one of my favorite Bible verses. Whenever I am tempted to fulfill my own agenda or get caught up in the daily demands of life, this simple statement reinforces a basic truth: He is the reason I am here. 

     God has been gracious in providing for my every need….physically, emotionally and spiritually. Wouldn’t it seem self-centered of me if I were to ignore His loving care for me? Even the simplest routine of eating and drinking should cause my spirit to soar with an attitude of thankfulness and appreciation! Every moment of my day bears significance, aware of His presence, watching with pleasure. Does the mindset I live by declare this recognition and reverence? It should. The process of “doing” will naturally follow, once I surrender self and seek His exclusive approval.

     If there’s one thing I can be sure about, it’s that my purpose is to glorify God in everything I do!

Judged by Sunlight

Whenever I dwell on the topic of hypocrisy, I am reminded of a wonderful illustration of what it truly reflects. Let’s just say, you might find this description somewhat “illuminating”:

            During the heating/cooling process of pottery-making, a jar could suffer minor cracks. Melted wax would be used to patch the flaw and keep the piece intact. A perfect vessel would be sine cera, the (Latin) root word from which we get our English word sincerity, translated “without wax.” A potter could usually pass off a defective piece as flawless-unless it was held up to the sunlight.  

           Digging deeper, you’ll discover that the Greek word used for sincere is elikrenes, which means “judged by sunlight.” Any imperfections in our character–no matter how tiny–are magnified by the brilliance of the sun’s rays, when held up to its translucency. God’s glorious light of perfection will always reveal our inadequacies. How genuine have you been when judged by SUN-light? Better yet, should we claim it as SON-light?

Isaiah 64:8- “…..we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.”

Hot pots and boiling potatoes

Catchy title, don’t ‘cha think?! This post isn’t really about food or cooking, but it does relate to one’s work ethic concerning preparation and purpose!

There’s a little four-letter word in the Bible which can have an enormous effect on your spiritual temperature gauge. Taken from the Greek word, zeo, zeal literally means “to be hot” or “to boil.” You’ve heard the expression “on fire for God”? That’s describing an intense enthusiasm, or a deep-rooted interest in pleasing and serving the Lord. Zeal is a key ingredient for a God-honoring testimony!  

Think of a favorite hobby or activity that occupies your time and energy. What is the motivating factor that spurs you into action? It’s zeal! This inner passion begins as a tiny flame, yet burns steadily and much more hotter, with each additional dose of exposure. (Hence, the term “boiling potatoes.”)

It’s the same application with spiritual matters. A genuine heart, concerned with pleasing a Holy God needs continual doses of affirmation and acceptance. The promises of true joy, limitless peace and unconditional love can glow intensely in our souls, when we immerse ourselves in His presence-the Word of God! After Jesus’resurrection, His followers mourned the loss of their master/teacher/friend (see Luke 24:15-35). Little did they know that His presence could be found in the Scriptures! The stranger’s words stirred up a warmth deep inside that was familiar, causing them to express in verse 32, “And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?”

Do you have zeal which fuels your daily attitude and approach to the things of God? You should! Not having a passion (for something or someone) creates indifference, a lack of motivation and subsequently, a sense of isolation. 

Set your soul afire by basking in the warmth and illumination of God’s precious Word today!