No Ordinary Day

The tragic events of 9/11/01 will be brought to the forefront of our minds today, reminding us of the fragility of life.

Eleven years ago, ordinary Americans, going about their daily routines were jolted by the live coverage of the four hijacked airplanes and its resultant deadly crashes. Many of us couldn’t pull away from the television screen, disturbed by the unfolding circumstances.

It made no sense.

However, what I did see happen–which made a whole lot of sense–was our country’s resilient nature shining forth, uniting us together as “one nation, under God.” Countless prayer vigils were held, church attendance was up and many of our leaders in just about all walks of life (politics, education, corporate, etc.) were tolerant of religious expression, even encouraged it.  

Although mankind seems to be strong and independent, somewhat ignorant of a higher authority,there are times, like a 9/11 event, when God is welcomed. The questions, doubts and fears arise, making us question our faith and wonder “why”-even in the lives of those who are agnostic.

Only a Sovereign God has the answers. It is Him that we turn to in our grief and confusion for strength and comfort. He WILL NOT turn us away. His promises of peace, love and support are what we need to restore confidence and calmness. 

9/11 is no ordinary day.

It’s a grim reminder that God is the One in control of everything. Let’s live each day to the fullest, recognizing His blessings and benefits. Why not take a moment to pray for those who were affected by the events of this tragic day, and thank God for the goodness He has bestowed upon you thus far?

Psalm 46:1: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

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