Older and Wiser? Yes!

I recently heard from an “old” friend. I’ve known Betty for over twenty-five years, so that does add up to her being an “old” friend. But my friend, Betty, is also old in years-she turned 86 this past August! She has such a joy-filled outlook on life, that no matter what we converse about, I always come away encouraged and smiling!

Some of the topics we cover in a typical phone conversation include updates on our kids, and the decisions they are making in their lives (i.e. careers, mates, etc). One of our boys had made a recent decision to enlist in the military this coming year, and that was an event I shared with Betty.

What transpired next was such a firm reminder of a statement of faith made a long time ago! In our Christian faith, very soon after each of our children were born, my husband and I professed our commitment to raise them up, dedicating their lives to be in God’s Will. This dedication service was done publicly at the church we attended, and confirmed to others present that we desired to allow God to have His Will and Way in our family’s lives. What is so important about this decision, is that it is a tremendous step of faith, trusting in that which is unseen–the future.

Betty shared a story of her own with me, mentioning her ease at accepting a certain situation (when her son was 18 years of age), because she and her husband had dedicated their son to the Lord at three months of age. Betty had seen God at work in her son’s life throughout his “growing up” years, and knew that God had a purpose and plan, honoring their intent to please Him first.  

These pearls of wisdom from an “old” friend are priceless! How thankful I am for an older and wiser Christian friend in my life, who can encourage me with such a profound illustration. God does and will continue to honor the faithfulness of His own!bible picture [pp]


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