The Gift of Time

clockI recently attended a youth rally/youth worker seminar and jotted down this statement: “Influence is the product of trust.” The preacher who quoted this observation was someone who had twenty-plus years of experience working with young people, which added to the authenticity of his message. Each illustration that he used reflected the central theme of giving one self’s time to another. It was easy to make the connection between establishing relationships, building trust and being influential as a result of that time invested.

Let’s face it; we can spend a lot of time on the computer, making virtual friendships, and accumulating a significant number of Facebook “friends” but are they really deep, secure and ever-lasting? It’s fun to keep in touch but where would you turn if you needed advice or a shoulder to cry on? Anyone can tweet on Twitter and gain a large following; however, the needs of a true relationship aren’t actually being met that way either. Others can catch a quick glimpse at your on-goings, but are they there to uplift a grieving spirit or help you deal with disappointment?

Sitting down with a cup of coffee (or mocha, latte, tea, cocoa, etc.,) and sharing openly the emotions, concerns and dreams that are dear to one’s heart, is still the best form of communication! Sure, it requires sacrifice–the “to-do” list is always going to be there–but when we seize the moment and take the time to build up someone who is discouraged, hurting or lonely….well, there’s just nothing else comparable to it!

In Ecclesiastes 3: 1-11, the word “time” is mentioned 30 times! Verse one introduces the chapter with this: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Time is fleeting; we would all agree–how quickly our children grow up, how fast the time marches on…..some days seem to drag along, but overall, the minutes turn into hours, hours into days, days into weeks and so on….

Don’t let an opportunity to have quality time with someone pass you by! There is a God-driven purpose behind every situation we encounter. Go, make good use of your time…now!

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