New Beginnings

new beginningsIf you had asked me six months ago if I would consider moving out-of-state (again!), I would have certainly responded with a firm “NO”! Been there, done that… is basically what I thought about the whole experience. It takes a lot of work and planning; plus, there’s all the transitional “stuff” that remains to be done–it can just drag on and on. Our kids are older and yes, they can be a big help with the preparations. But, I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a control freak and ultimately want the final say on…uh, everything! And that ends up stressing me out and making me feel terribly overwhelmed. 🙂

In a very short amount of time, God showed me how selfish my thinking was (as far as the “no” answer was concerned). I had been considering the inconveniences which would affect me, myself and I. Hmmmm. Sounds selfish, doesn’t it? Somehow, my feelings on the whole situation began to ease up, and I began to re-consider the “yes” side of the equation. I purposed myself NOT to resist but to give it over to God, asking Him to show me what was His Will in the matter. Isaiah’s words in Chapter 55, verse 8 came to my mind, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.” I have to trust that God already knows the end from the beginning, and He is always in control. Knowing how unconditional His love is (for me), I can also rest in the knowledge that whatever His plans are for me, they are always good. Why fret? 🙂

We have lived here in the northwestern area of the state of Pennsylvania for eight years. I was thinking back on that time and wanted to list some of the things that God has shown us during that time:

1.) It’s important to involve yourself in the community.
I state this because it’s something I wish I had done more of at the beginning. Of course, I was busy “settling in” and home-schooling all five kids. It wasn’t until I worked part-time at the local post office, that I began to get a sense of the community, and feel like it was something I could claim as mine too.

2.) It’s important to “bloom where you are planted.”
We encountered so many “firsts” when we moved to West Springfield. Our road has no street lights, we burn our trash and it’s quite natural to see a stray cow on the front lawn! A positive attitude carried us through many of the bumpy times.

3.) It’s important to keep God first.
Having a relationship with God is a priority in our family’s lives. We made sure that we had a church to attend and worship at, and get involved in. We continued to pray and seek His direction in all that we did. We saw how faithful God is and how He met our daily needs.

4.) It’s important to maintain old friendships and build new ones.
Long-distance relationships require work! Whether it’s a text message, a phone call or a Face Book update, keeping in touch with friends is so beneficial. Having a “history” eliminates the get-to-know-you phase that is needed when meeting a new acquaintance. What’s especially delightful is seeing that friend from time to time, and being able to pick up right where you left off! Saying goodbye is not so easy, but a committed friend will put forth the effort no matter how many miles are in between!

5.) It’s important to look for opportunities to be a blessing.
This outlook is quite out of character for many of us. We rush about, performing the daily routines expected of us, with not much consideration for another’s pain or plight. I’ve been told that the South is known for their hospitality and kindness; will it show that I’m an outsider, from the North? I hope not! As a Christian, I hope it will show forth even more, that I have a relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Stay tuned! The road ahead is full of twists and turns, possibly some detours! But, I’ve decided to let God have control of the wheel and trust His expertise to deliver me safely and securely right where He deems best for me!