What you see is what you should get

Ecclesiastes 6:9 “Better is the sight of the eyes than the wandering of the desire.”what you see

I don’t know the exact number of verses in the entire Bible, but God had me turn to the Old Testament and pointed this particular one out to me. And it was exactly what I needed! Let me explain:

We are moving to South Carolina because of a job relocation for my husband, Ted. Time is of the essence, and we needed to get busy choosing our future home. Well, we were so sure that we found “the one.” It was a beautiful, brand-new two-story home set in a quiet, residential neighborhood. As we toured the interior, we were impressed with the cathedral ceilings, granite countertops and spacious master bedroom…and so much more.

After the showing, we went to Lowe’s so we could price kitchen appliances (stainless steel, of course!)and choose our interior paint colors. It was fun and exciting to imagine what the finished product would look like, how up-to-date the entire house would be. Our dream home would be so low-maintenance too, since it was just built!

A nagging feeling kept surfacing, causing both of us to question the amount of down-sizing involved. If it were just the two of us, this house would work. However, we needed to consider the amount of space needed to accommodate our two youngest children who are still living at home.

That night was a restless one. By five o’clock in the morning, Ted and I knew: this was NOT the right house for us. I felt so weighed down by the reality of that thought; it caused me to search God’s Word for an explanation. I found this golden nugget of truth in Ecclesiastes and it was as if God had personally hand-picked it for me!

Our desires had wandered, and we had gotten entangled with the lure of something not yet within our grasp. Our vision was clouded by that, not allowing us to truly LOOK at what was in front of us. How often does that happen to each one of us? Our minds can play tricks on us! It wasn’t sinful to consider the benefits of a new home and all that came with it, but the path it was taking us on could have caused us to make some irrational decisions; not to mention how frustrated or discontented we would have felt with the lack of storage space!

Adam Clark’s Commentary gives a very good interpretation of the meaning behind this verse: “It is better to see what one desires than to covet what one knows not.” He goes on to state: “It is better to enjoy the present than to feed one’s self with vain desires of the future.” Wow.

Everyone has heard this axiom: What you see is what you get. I would like to make a minor change to that statement: What you see is what you should get. I am so thankful that I can rely upon God’s Word as a source of stability and sensibility! The tainted, “wandering off” view we can have of what He places in front of us can be reigned in and reinforced but only if we are living and looking in the present. May this message of simplicity be one that gives you clear vision and clear thinking!